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VMware Explore 2023: Diving into the Future of VMware in the Heart of Barcelona

Postdate: 20-11-2023

Barcelona, a city steeped in history and pulsating with energy, is once again the host for one of the most exciting events in the IT world: VMware Explore 2023.

VMware Explore is a platform where IT professionals come together to discover the latest developments in virtualization, cloud computing, End-User Computing, and digital transformation. This blog takes you through the highlights of VMware Explore 2023.

On Tuesday, we kicked off Explore with the General Session, during which some notable figures from VMware were on stage, such as Raghu Raghuram, Sumit Dhawan, Chris Wolf, and Purnima Padmanabhan. They discussed the new and upcoming features. If you'd like to watch the General Session, you can find it on-demand here.

The session highlights for me are related to my experience with End User Computing (EUC). Here are the sessions that I found most interesting:

EUSB1612BCN: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Frontline Business with Workspace ONE UEM and DEX. To watch this on-demand look here.

EUSB2160BCN: Harnessing the Power of Data and Intelligence for Today’s Changing Workplace. To watch this on-demand look here.

EUSM2312BCNS: Modernize Hybrid Workspace with Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series.

VMTN2651BCN: Horizon Cloud on Azure – Tales From the Field.

EUSB1611BCN: Improve Digital Experience and Lower Costs with AI, Analytics, and Automation. To watch this on-demand look here

EUSB1436BCN Blasting Into the Extreme: Building the Ultimate Remote Simulation Platform. To watch this on-demand look hereUnfortunately, you miss Johan's t-shirt gun with this recording, but you can find it online

I can recommend checking out some sessions on-demand:

Guardians of the Digital Realm: Protect against overlooked threats with Workspace ONE and NetClean. To watch this on-demand look here.

Analyzing Horizon User Experience Using Free Tools on VMware TestDrive. To watch this on-demand look here.

What's New in VMware Anywhere Workspace. To watch this on-demand look here.

VMware Explore provides a holistic environment for personal development by offering learning opportunities, networking, skill development, and a platform for community engagement. Taking advantage of these aspects can contribute significantly to both your professional and personal growth.

This is what I have accomplished with the support of the ITQ Camera Team, including Sjoerd and Rick, as well as Johan and Edwin. Taking this step was significant for my personal growth, and I have recorded three live YouTube sessions that you can now watch on-demand:

Interview with Sander Noordijk about the DaaS Readiness Assessment.

Interview with Pim van de Vis about the VMware Explore announcements.

Interview with Matt Lagguth about DaaS readiness assessment importance.

I like to thank Sander, Pim, and Matt for the opportunity to interview them.

It was great to see and speak to all the vendors add the conference and all of the EUC enthusiasts.

What a great city Barcelona is early day before the start of Explore you get a enjoy a view like this. 


With the tips from my other blog. I had a fantastic time and I highly recommend trying the Grilled cheese sandwich from the Bar Les Cascades on Montjuïc, Thx for the tip Hans Jaspers.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to ITQ for an incredible week. It exceeded my expectations, and it's truly a privilege to be part of the ITQ team. The positive and energizing atmosphere at ITQ makes me enthusiastic.

As I reflect on Explore 2023, I am excited about the great work and the positive impact we can make. Thank you all for making this week truly memorable with the incredible ITQ team!


Thank you for reading if you have a question, or remarks please let me know!