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VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona.

Postdate 13-10-2023

I would like to talk about the upcoming VMware Explore 2023 event held in Barcelona location Fira Gran Via. This event is the place to get the latest VMware information, learn new stuff, and see the presentations of VMware partners and customers. An important part is networking with VMware partners, customers, bloggers, and vendors. I recommend planning your sessions in advance because some of the sessions will be full.

I like to recommend some sessions that interest me with my EUC background.

  • Taking a Cloud-Smart Approach to Harness the Power of Generative AI [GEN2154BCN]
  • Addressing the Risk Riddle: Managing Vulnerability, Exposure and Remediation [EUSB1597BCN]
  • Digital Employee Experience Decoded: What Is It, and Why Should You Care [EUSB1608BCN]
  • Technology Innovation Showcase [TECK2157BCN]
  • Unleashing the Power of Freestyle Orchestrator [EUSB1657BCN]
  • What the X? Demystifying the Different Experiences (EX/UX and DEX) [VMTN2342BCN]
  • Blasting Into the Extreme: Building the Ultimate Remote Simulation Platform [EUSB1436BCN]
  • Modernize the Workplace with Intel Endpoint Cloud Services and Workspace ONE [EUST2286BCNS]

There is another great session not technical but very important session in my opinion:

  • Guardians of the Digital Realm: Protect against overlooked threats with Workspace ONE and NetClean [EUSB1793BCN]

For more great sessions look at the content catalog.

 If you like to meet after one of the sessions, please contact me and we arrange it.

There are a lot of other things you can do at Explore like:

  • Hand On Labs.
  • Certification Exams.
  • Meet the Experts: Join roundtables to interact directly with subject matter experts in a small group setting.
  • The Vendor Expo: Explore the latest products and solutions from sponsors and exhibitors.
  • The famous Hall Crawl.


Tips for a great event:

Barcelona is a great and beautiful city, and you can see a lot so don’t plan too much because it can be long days if you plan it fully. In the evening there is a lot of entertainment from vendors and VMware itself, on Wednesday, November 8 there will be a VMware Party. The Party is a must-attend event to enjoy some food, drinks, games, and music from Manic Street Preachers.

If you are going to Explore to get more out of it don’t party until 5:00 am at one of the parties or the bars you find in the city, because the session will start 9:00 am. So, take care of yourself.

 Pack comfortable shoes you are going to walk a lot, so comfort is key. Allow extra space in your suitcase to bring back vendor goodies and the VMware Explore backpack. As for clothes wear what you find comfortable.

Transport and City:

For transportation u can use different options call a taxi or take the subway. Last year there were free subway passes that you could use for traveling to your hotel or the city center. You can get them at the entrance of Explore.


I recommend you to use the subway station Fira and not Foc because the Fira station has a better transfer to the city center station Catalunya if you like to walk a little bit you can also use the station Europa Fira.

Be aware of pickpockets and don’t take expensive stuff with you to Explore or one of the parties let it in your hotel.

If you want to see more of the city but don’t have enough time u can use the Hop on Hop off bus.


After a day spent at Explore, you will need some dinner if you are going into the city there are a lot of places to go and at Plaça Reial you can find restaurants and bars. In the old city, there are some good restaurants like Sagardi BCN Argenteria, Basque cuisine in the Born district, I can recommend it. For some quick food on a local market, you can go to Mercat de la Boqueria but it closes at 20:30.

For breakfast, u can go to Forn it’s a local bakery they are spread across the city, and you can get a lot of different sweet and savory pastries.
At the event itself, you don’t need to bring lunch it’s taken care of, and you can get snacks, soft drinks, and a lunch buffet.

If you are going into the city and you like a snack and coffee go to Boldú coffee shops, please try the Boldú, you will thank me later.


The most important thing is to learn, gather information, connect, and have fun.

Additional information about VMware Explore Barcelona 2023.

Thank you for reading if you have a question, or remarks please let me know!