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The new VMware Horizon 8 ESB release version 2212

Postdate: 17-01-2023

VMware has released a new version of the ESB (Extended Service Branch) Horizon 8 product line, this is with App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager.  The new version is Horizon 8 2212 and according to VMware brings new efficiencies to Horizon.

You can download the Horizon 8 version 2212 from this link.

Horizon 8 ESBs receive up to four planned periodic maintenance updates for example: at 6 months, 9 months, 15 months, and 24 months after the base version release, but release dates are not scheduled and are based on need.

For more information look at this blog from my website:

What are the new features for Virtual Desktops and Applications:

  • VMware brings Apps on Demand functionality to published app deployments. This feature, delivered through the integration of Horizon 8 version 2212 and App Volumes 4 version 2212. With Apps on Demand, published app servers or hosts can be created dynamically based on which application an end-user launches.
  • Microsoft MAK licenses are now supported with Instant Clones.
  • When you create an automated pool of full clone desktops, you can now specify an active directory OU in which computer accounts can be created.
  • Improved GPU performance on Physical Machines running Windows Server 2022 with Horizon Indirect Display Driver based setup.
  • The network settings for a create Instant Clone pool or farm workflow are now set to the network settings of a golden image instead of a snapshot. This simplifies management for administrators as they only have to keep track of network settings of a golden image rather than many of its snapshots.
  • Import and validate SSL certificates, With the new certificate management feature, admins can import CA-signed certificates, generate certificate signing requests (CSRs), and monitor the health of the connection server certificate right from the Horizon console.
  • Cloud Pod Architecture is supported with IPv6 environments for more security and added address spaces.
  • Horizon 8 now supports a maximum of 500 Virtual Machines per ESXi host when using non-vSAN storage.  The achievable maximum depends on the workload and specifics of the hardware.
  • The Horizon Agent for Windows has been migrated from Azul OpenJDK to BellSoft OpenJDK.
  • For the latest set of Horizon 8 APIs, see the VMware Horizon API website.
  • Smart protocol tuning with Blast OptimizerThe Blast Optimizer  allows IT admins to easily tune the Blast protocol based on their desired tradeoff between user experience and resource utilization.

Horizon Client 2212 for Windows:

  • Horizon has made it easier to run the Zoom and WebEx optimization plug-in on a Windows client by developing a custom executable install that supports the plug-in. The custom executable makes it easier for end users to install the Zoom and WebEx plug-in that optimizes the end-user experience while using these apps in a virtual session. Additionally MS Teams Optimization will also be enabled by default for end users for a frictionless end-to-end collaboration experience.

Dynamic Environment Manager 2212:

  • There are no new features added in this release. If you are using Dynamic Environment Manager 2209, there is no need to upgrade to Dynamic Environment Manager 2212 unless you want Horizon 2212 ESB aligned Dynamic Environment Manager release.

End of general support for Horizon 7

  • The general support for Horizon 7.13  the last Horizon 7 release will end in April 2023. So plan your upgrade to Horizon 8.

Additional information about the the new Horizon 8 2212 ESB release:

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