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Story about a newbie VMware EUC engineer part four: Upgrade the Horizon Enrollment Server.

This story is about my work as a EUC engineer and upgrading Upgrade Horizon Enrollment Server in a Cloud Pod Architecture for the first time. I will talk about the Horizon Enrollment Server 2111 ESB Release. If you don’t know what ESB means look here.

The upgrade itself is not a difficult task you only need to take the time and preparation to do it well.

For you begin download the Horizon Connection Server installer file from this location.

For you begin you need to know and do a couple of things.

  • Take a snapshot of the virtual machine.
  • Verify that you have a license that is valid for the new version.
  • Verify that you have a domain user account with administrative privileges to perform the upgrade.

Now we can begin the upgrade for the enrollment server , the upgrade uses the same version of the Connection Server installer as before and start with the first step.


Make Snapshot of the enrollment server.

Logon to the enrollment server and start the installer VMware-Horizon-Connection-Server-x86_64-8.4.0-19446835.exe.

Click Next.

Select 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' and click Next.

Validate the settings and click Install.

Click Finish and reboot the server after the upgrade.

After the reboot check the services of the enrollment server and  dashboard health from the horizon console.

Go to Dashboard > View > TrueSSO.

Don’t forget to remove the snapshots after the upgrade.

VMware Note: After upgrading you do not need to manually import the pairing certificate(s) from the Connection Server to the enrollment server’s Windows Certificate Store again. The pairing certificate(s) manually imported earlier are not removed as part of the uninstall or upgrade process. When the enrollment server is running after an upgrade, the Connection Server is able to successfully connect and the previously imported pairing certificate(s) are reused.

For more information look here.

Additional information about the Enrollment Servers upgrade look here.

Thank you for reading if you have a question, remarks? Please let me know!