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Horizon lessons from the field.

Postdate: 19-05-2023

Today I am writing a quick blog about things that I come across during my work as an EUC consultant.

Last I was visiting a customer with a question within a VMware Horizon environment with the blast protocol, the problem that occurred was slow typing and lag with moving window while this did not happen within an RDP protocol session.

I started troubleshooting the problem with the following VMware document.

After trying various things and not finding a quick fix, I started investigating the backend. After research, the backend of Horizon turned out to run on Version 2212 and there were no problems with storage, network, host this is totally awesome, but I did not find the solution.

So, I started focusing on the Horizon agent and client. The agent has version 2212 and the client 2006, which means that the client has a fairly old version installed.
I checked to see if the version is still supported at VMware Product Interoperability Matrix and that was the case.

I also checked all the release notes to see if a fix was known there, but I couldn't find it. So, there is not much to be found about problems between an old Horizon client and a newer Horizon agent, but my experience is that if you have problems with Horizon VDI workplace and an old client is installed, replace it with a version equal to agent or newer.

This story confirms that you should not use old clients but take them within your update strategy this prevents problems in the future, and you spend not longer on the investigations then necessary.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please get in touch.