EUC Blogs

Hi my name is Dennis de Kok


I am a full-time consultant specializing in End User Computing (EUC) at ITQ, with a passion for this field that began five years ago. My interest in Horizon sparked when I first encountered the product and thought, "What a cool product! I want to know more about this." Since then, my fascination with End User Computing products has only grown, and I have been continuously developing my expertise in this area.

I am on an IT journey and aim to assist you through the blogs I write about my daily work and the challenges I encounter.


My location: The Netherlands 

Find more information about my employer ITQ here.

My Achieved Certifications so far:
vExpert, VCP-DCV, VCP-DTM, VCP-DW, VCAP-DTM Design, VCAP-DTM Deploy, Master Specialist Digital Workspace, Specialist Workspace-One Advanced, Implementation Expert, Integration Specialist, Cloud Provider, see all my certifications here.

My latest Blogs :